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Acoustic Laminated Aluminium Flexible Ducts SONOFLEX 25

Acoustic Laminated Aluminium Flexible Ducts SONOFLEX 25

The SONOFLEX 25 is a thermally and acoustically insulated duct, consisting of a micro-perforated inner duct of the ALUFLEX type and a laminated 3-layer outer jacket. The pink fiberglass anti-allergic insulation has been developed especially for flexible ducting. A polyester barrier is applied between the fiberglass insulation and the inner duct to avoid the diffusion of insulation particles in the air stream. They are used in ventilation, air conditioning, and air handling systems where high mechanical strength, temperature, fire-resistance, and thermal and sound attenuating qualities are required.


Micro-perforated inner duct of the ALUFLEX type, consisting of 1 layer of 7 μ aluminium , and 2 layers of 12 μ polyester each (one aliminized), total thickness without glue: 31 μ.

Metalized polyester outer jacket 3-layer laminate, consisting of 2 layers of polyester of 12 μ each and 1 aluminium of 7µ. Total thickness without glue: 31 μ.

Fibreglass insulation:

- Density: 16 kg/m³

- Thickness: 25 mm

- Thermal resistance: 0,65 K.m²/W

- Thermal conductivity: 0,039 W/m-K

- Color: pink

Polyester barrier of 12µ between insulation and inner duct

Diameter range: 82 mm - 560 mm

Wire spacing: a steel spiral spring of different thicknesses and a pitch of 25mm (Ø82-90mm), 36mm (Ø102-560mm)

Color: Aluminium


Temperature range: From - 30°C till + 140°C

Air velocity (max): 20 m/s

Operating pressure: -188 up to 2500 Pa

Center bend radius: 1 x Diameter minimum

Diameter range: 82 mm - 560 mm

Fire resistance: class B - s1, d0 according to EN13501-1

As the product does not contain PVC, no toxic vapors are released when its on fire.

Produced according EN 13180: Dia Class B, Thightness Class C, Sag<4°, Crushing strength 13-35kg compressed; 2.5kg uncompressed.

Limits: The SONOFLEX 25 ducts are not suitable for transporting air with a high concentration of acid and base and can not be used for discharging combustion gases from open fire places and oil-fired boilers.

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Acoustic Laminated Aluminium Flexible Ducts SONOFLEX 25

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