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Ceiling air-conditioners

Ceiling air-conditioners

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Fuji Electric RYG45LRTE - ROG45LETL ASK US

Fuji Electric RYG45LRTE - ROG45LETL

An inverter ceiling air-conditioner, that generates a high power output for cooling or heating of la..


Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner Fuji Electric RYG24LVTA - ROG24LALA

Floor ceiling unit for air conditioning of large rooms, vast premises, conference rooms or offices. ..


Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner Fuji Electric RYG18LVTB/ROG18LALL

Powerful air conditioning system for floor and ceiling installation. It has a wide operational range..


Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG18LVTB/AOHG18LALL

Floor-ceiling air-conditioner, whose indoor module has compact size and an elegant appearance. Its a..


Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG24LVTA/AOHG24LALA

Floor-ceiling air-conditioner with an elegant look and compact sizes. Its flexible installation can ..


Ceilling Air-conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG30LRTE/AOHG30LETL

A ceiling mounted air-conditioner with an elegant appearance, that generates a wide airflow, which e..


Ceiling Air-Conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG36LRTA/AOHG36LATT 3-phase

3-Phase ceiling air-conditioner with a power output of 36 000 BTU and high effectiveness. The indoor..


Ceiling Air-Conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG36LRTE/AOHG36LETL

The interesting things about this air-conditioner are the elegant white hull and the wide airflow, w..


Ceiling Air-Conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG45LRTA/AOHG45LАТТ 3-phase

Created for horizontal installation at the ceiling. It generates a powerful and wide airflow, which..


Ceiling Air-Conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG54LRTA/AOHG54LАТТ 3-phase

A ceiling air-conditioner with the highest power output in the entire series, which uses the 3-phase..


Ceiling Air-Conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG45LRTA/AOHG45LETL

Highly effective and very powerful (45 000 BTU) ceiling acir-conditioner. Suitable for offices and s..


FUJI ELECTRIC 8,50 - 10,00 kW 30LRTE Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner

An inverter air-conditioner for ceiling or concealed installation. It is suitable for offices and la..


FUJI ELECTRIC 9,40 - 11,20 kW 36LRTE Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner, 230V , 50Hz

Inverter air-conditioner for ceiling or semi-hidden installation. It generates a wide air-flow, whic..


FUJI ELECTRIC 10,00 - 11,20 kW 36LRTA Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner 3 Ph 400V , 50Hz

Three-phase air-conditioning system for a ceiling installation. It generates a wide airflow, which i..


FUJI ELECTRIC 12,50 - 14,00 kW 45LRTA Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner, 3 Ph 400V, 50Hz

A three-phase air-conditioner that generates a wide airflow, which can reach up to 18 meters in leng..


Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner Fuji Electric RYG54LRTA - ROG54LATT 3 Ph 400V 50Hz

A power output of 54 000 BTU is generated by the ceiling air-conditioner RYG54LRTA/ROG54LATT. It cre..