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Ceiling Fujitsu General

Ceiling Fujitsu General

ABHG Fujitsu General floor or ceiling air conditioner series. We offer them in capacities of 18,24,30,36,45,000 BTU. No additional costs are charged for delivery in Sofia. The installation is done as a floor or ceiling air conditioner.

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Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG18LVTB/AOHG18LALL

Floor-ceiling air-conditioner, whose indoor module has compact size and an elegant appearance. Its a..


Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG24LVTA/AOHG24LALA

Floor-ceiling air-conditioner with an elegant look and compact sizes. Its flexible installation can ..


Ceilling Air-conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG30LRTE/AOHG30LETL

A ceiling mounted air-conditioner with an elegant appearance, that generates a wide airflow, which e..


Ceiling Air-Conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG36LRTA/AOHG36LATT 3-phase

3-Phase ceiling air-conditioner with a power output of 36 000 BTU and high effectiveness. The indoor..


Ceiling Air-Conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG36LRTE/AOHG36LETL

The interesting things about this air-conditioner are the elegant white hull and the wide airflow, w..


Ceiling Air-Conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG45LRTA/AOHG45LАТТ 3-phase

Created for horizontal installation at the ceiling. It generates a powerful and wide airflow, which..


Ceiling Air-Conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG54LRTA/AOHG54LАТТ 3-phase

A ceiling air-conditioner with the highest power output in the entire series, which uses the 3-phase..


Ceiling Air-Conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG45LRTA/AOHG45LETL

Highly effective and very powerful (45 000 BTU) ceiling acir-conditioner. Suitable for offices and s..