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Floor standing Fujitsu General

Floor standing Fujitsu General

Fujitsu General floor air conditioners. Yes! This is the option of truly comfortable air conditioning for your home. Installation is usually under a window and the air flow does not directly affect the occupants of the room. The price of floor air conditioners also includes a free delivery to Sofia. We at CLIMAHIT carry out assemblies with quality materials and the instructions given by Fujitsu General.

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Cassette Air conditioner Fujitsu General AGHG09LVCA/AOHG09LVCA

A console air-conditioner, whose design is astounding due to including two independent ventilator tu..


Cassette Air conditioner Fujitsu General AGHG12LVCA/AOHG12LVCA

A compact console air-conditioner with two independent from one another ventilator turbines, with wh..


Cassette Air conditioner Fujitsu General AGHG14LVCA/AOHG14LVLA

A design, that allow for easy installation at many places and which includes two ventilators, with w..


Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG18LVTB/AOHG18LALL

Floor-ceiling air-conditioner, whose indoor module has compact size and an elegant appearance. Its a..


Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG24LVTA/AOHG24LALA

Floor-ceiling air-conditioner with an elegant look and compact sizes. Its flexible installation can ..