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Air conditioners Toshiba

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Wall-mounted Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-10BKVG-E/RAS-10BAVG-E Mirai

An air-conditioner, that uses tech with the new freon R32, which distinguishes itself with a very go..


Wall-mounted Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-13BKVG-E/RAS-13BAVG-E Mirai

Quiet and elegant air-conditioner from the Mirai series by Toshiba, that operates with the ecologica..


Wall-mounted Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-16BKVG-E/RAS-16BAVG-E Mirai

Powerful air-conditioner by Toshiba from the Mirai series, that operates with the ecological freon R..


Wall-mounted Hyper-Inverter Air Conditioner Toshiba RAS-13G2KVP-E/RAS-13G2AVP-E DAISEIKAI 8

Hyper-inverter air-conditioner from the Daiseikai series, created with one of Toshiba's best technol..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-10BKV-E/RAS-10BAV-E Mirai

Toshiba Mirai - wall-mounted air conditioner. The internal body has a clean and thin design. Designe..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-10PKVSG-E/RAS-10PAVSG-E Shorai

An air-conditioner from the Shorai series, created with innovative technologies for achieving a bett..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-13PKVSG-E/RAS-13PAVSG-E Shorai

Air-conditioner by Toshiba from the Shorai series. It is designed with a clean and elegant look, but..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-16BKV-E/RAS-16BAV-E Morai

Powerful yet quite, elegant yet functional, the air conditioner from the Mira series combines vision..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-16PKVSG-E/RAS-16PAVSG-E Shorai

Highly technological solution for creating comfort in the home. Using refrigerant R32, good results ..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-18PKVSG-E/RAS-18PAVSG-E Shorai

Achieving the comfort at home with this conditioner is done via a high-tech and ecological (thanks t..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-22PKVSG-E/RAS-22PAVSG-E Shorai

Powerful air-conditioner from the Shorai series with a clean and elegant design, which fits in a lot..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-24PKVSG-E/RAS-24PAVSG-E Shorai

The Shorai series is highly-technological and innovative, that has the goal to create an unique comf..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-B22N3KV2-E1/RAS-22N3AV2-E1 SUZUMI Plus

The air-conditioner Suzumi Plus comes with a IAQ filter, which refreshes and purifies the air. Its h..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-B10N3KV2-E1/RAS-10N3AV2-E1 SUZUMI Plus

The Suzumi series with innovative technologies for cleaning the air and for creating the desired com..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-B13N3KV2-E1/RAS-13N3AV2-E1 SUZUMI PLUS

Suzumi Plus is an innovative series, which has a goal to create the needed comfort via an economical..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-B16N3KV2-E1/RAS-16N3AV2-E1 SUZUMI Plus

Air-conditioner from the Suzumi Plus series that combines in itself the innovative hybrid technology..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-B18N3KV2-E1/RAS-18N3AV2-E1 SUZUMI Plus

Suzumi Plus includes an impressive filtering system, which purifies the air of microorganisms and sm..


Wall-mounted Hyper-Inverter Air Conditioner Toshiba RAS-10G2KVP-E/RAS-10G2AVP-E DAISEIKAI 8

Air-conditioners from the Daiseikai series distinguish themselves with high effectiveness and techno..


Wall-mounted Hyper-Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-16G2KVP-E/RAS-16G2AVP-E DAISEIKAI 8

Hyper-invert air-conditioner, which combines functionality, high performance and clean design in one..