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Brand: DAIKIN Model: FCAG35B/RXM35N9
A cassette air-conditioner. which creates an airflow in all directions, thus guaranteeing that the premise will have a well distributed temperature...
Ex Tax:3,405.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FCAG50B/RXM50N9
An air-conditioner for ceiling installation that equally distributes the airflow in full 360°. It it easy to install and is controlled via a wired, intuitive remote control...
Ex Tax:4,380.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FCAG60B/RXM60N9
Highly efficient cassette type for ceiling installation. It equalizes the temperature by using the round 360° airflow...
Ex Tax:4,476.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FFA25A9/RXM25N9
Highly efficient cassette air-conditioner, specially created for the European market. It creates the comfort by regulating the temperature in the room via a smart method, thanks to its additional sensor. It is quiet, thus it is suited to be used in offices and homes...
Ex Tax:3,330.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FFA35A9/RXM35N9
A cassette air-conditioner that create pleasant conditions without using up too much power. It doesn't produce a lot of noise, thus it is suitable for offices as well as homes...
Ex Tax:3,486.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FFA50A9/RXM50N9
By using the sensor it comes with, the air-conditioner evenly distributes the temperature inside a premise, thus achieving a great comfort levels. It is quiet during its operation, thus it can be used for air-conditioning in business buildings...
Ex Tax:4,503.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FFA60A9/RXM60N9
A cassette air-conditioner for ceiling installation. Quiet and economic, best suited for offices...
Ex Tax:5,088.00лв
Cassette Air-Conditioner for Multi-Split systems Gree GKH(12)BB-K6DNA3A/I
2-3 Days
Brand: Gree Model: GKH(12)BB-K6DNA3A/I
A cassette that distributes the airflow in four directions...
Ex Tax:783.00лв
Cassette Air-Conditioner for Multi-Split systems Gree GKH(18)BB-K6DNA3A/I
2-3 Days
Brand: Gree Model: GKH(18)BB-K6DNA3A/I
A cassette that distributes the airflow in four directions...
Ex Tax:832.00лв
Cassette Air-Conditioner for Multi-Split systems Gree GKH(24)BC-K6DNA4A/I
2-3 Days
Brand: Gree Model: GKH(24)BC-K6DNA4A/I
A cassette that distributes the airflow in four directions...
Ex Tax:1,064.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG12LVLB/AOHG12LALL
Four-way cassette with a compact size for a ceiling installation inside offices, restaurants, shops and other. Features:  -  Thanks to the V-PAM inverter technology, the high power outputs and effectiveness are achieved.  -  Two roll ventilator turbine evenly distributes the air ..
Ex Tax:2,680.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG14LVLB/AOHG14LALL
Four-way compact cassette, which can operate very economically, when maintaining a temp. of 10°C or when precisely controls its operations, in order to prevent unnecessary heating or cooling. Its effectiveness is improved with the two-roll turbine, which evenly distributes the air on the heat exchan..
Ex Tax:2,850.00лв
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