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Ceiling air-conditioners

Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ABHG30LRTE/AOHG30LETL
A ceiling mounted air-conditioner with an elegant appearance, that generates a wide airflow, which encompasses more volume in the premise. Its automatic nature allow it to create and maintain the comfort with minimal input from the users. It alone changes the operational modes (heating or cooling) a..
Ex Tax:4,970.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ABHG36LRTA/AOHG36LATT
3-Phase ceiling air-conditioner with a power output of 36 000 BTU and high effectiveness. The indoor unit is elegant and colored in white, in order to fit in as many interiors as possible. It is easy to use is due to many functions being automatized, such as the switching of modes from heating to co..
Ex Tax:6,650.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ABHG36LRTE/AOHG36LETL
The interesting things about this air-conditioner are the elegant white hull and the wide airflow, which creates a pleasant sensation. The device is easy to use due to the minimal necessary action which the users must take, in order for it to start working. It automatically switches from one mode to..
Ex Tax:5,150.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ABHG45LRTA/AOHG45LETL
Highly effective and very powerful (45 000 BTU) ceiling acir-conditioner. Suitable for offices and shops due to the elegant white hull of the indoor unit and the wide airflow. It is easy to control thanks to it doing a lot of things automatically, such as switching from one mode to another and regul..
Ex Tax:6,100.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ABHG45LRTA/AOHG45LАТТ
Created for horizontal installation at the ceiling. It generates a powerful and wide airflow, which is directed horizontally and vertically by swinging flaps. The body of the indoor module is elegant and painted in white, so that it can fit in many interiors of offices, shops and others. It is easy ..
Ex Tax:7,099.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ABHG54LRTA/AOHG54LАТТ
A ceiling air-conditioner with the highest power output in the entire series, which uses the 3-phase voltage. It creates a powerful and wide airflow, which reaches to very distant places in a premise. Its direction and intensity is regulated by the swinging flaps and the ventilator. It can be direct..
Ex Tax:8,449.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAV-SM1107CTP-E/RAV-SM1104ATP-E
An air-conditioner for ceiling installation. The hull is resistant to stains. It automatically regulates the airflow. It is self-cleaning, so that the creation of mold is prevented. Its installation is easy...
Ex Tax:4,436.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAV-SM1107CTP-E/RAV-SP1104AT8-E
A ceiling air-conditioner by Toshiba for offices and restaurants...
Ex Tax:6,265.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAV-SM1107CTP-E/RAV-SP1104ATP-E
A powerful ceiling air-conditioner by Toshiba, that is design to maintain the comfort inside offices and restaurants...
Ex Tax:5,569.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAV-SM1407CTP-E/RAV-SM1404ATP-E
An air-conditioning system for ceiling installation. The hull is made out of polypropylene resin, which is resistant to stains. It has functions for self-cleaning, which prevent the creation of mold. It doesn't generate a lot of noise...
Ex Tax:4,957.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAV-SM1407CTP-E/RAV-SP1404AT8-E
A ceiling air-conditioner, that operates with a three-phase voltage. It is suitable for offices, restaurants and others...
Ex Tax:6,939.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAV-SM1407CTP-E/RAV-SP1404ATP-E
the air-conditioning of offices and restaurants is made easy with the ceiling conditioner by Toshiba, which has automated functions, with which a maximum comfort is achieved...
Ex Tax:6,141.00лв
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