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Cassette Daikin

Daikin's technology for cassette air conditioners ensures a perfectly balanced air flow distribution of 360 degrees while eliminating dead zones. Vertical automatic valve actuation system distributes air evenly into the room. The purpose of this type of Daikin air conditioner is for large rooms as well as for small ones.

Brand: DAIKIN Model: FCAG35B/RXM35N9
A cassette air-conditioner. which creates an airflow in all directions, thus guaranteeing that the premise will have a well distributed temperature...
Ex Tax:3,405.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FCAG50B/RXM50N9
An air-conditioner for ceiling installation that equally distributes the airflow in full 360°. It it easy to install and is controlled via a wired, intuitive remote control...
Ex Tax:4,380.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FCAG60B/RXM60N9
Highly efficient cassette type for ceiling installation. It equalizes the temperature by using the round 360° airflow...
Ex Tax:4,476.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FFA25A9/RXM25N9
Highly efficient cassette air-conditioner, specially created for the European market. It creates the comfort by regulating the temperature in the room via a smart method, thanks to its additional sensor. It is quiet, thus it is suited to be used in offices and homes...
Ex Tax:3,330.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FFA35A9/RXM35N9
A cassette air-conditioner that create pleasant conditions without using up too much power. It doesn't produce a lot of noise, thus it is suitable for offices as well as homes...
Ex Tax:3,486.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FFA50A9/RXM50N9
By using the sensor it comes with, the air-conditioner evenly distributes the temperature inside a premise, thus achieving a great comfort levels. It is quiet during its operation, thus it can be used for air-conditioning in business buildings...
Ex Tax:4,503.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FFA60A9/RXM60N9
A cassette air-conditioner for ceiling installation. Quiet and economic, best suited for offices...
Ex Tax:5,088.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FHA35A9/RXM35N9
Stylish air-conditioner for installation at the ceiling, which generates a wide airflow that achieves an optimal distribution up to 3,8 m. Its compact size increases the places it can be installed. It doesn't disturb the peace during its operations. It comes with a weekly timer for planning its job...
Ex Tax:3,519.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FHA50A9/RXM50N9
The ceiling mounted air-conditioner from the FHA series is created to fit in many interiors due to its compact and good-looking design. The generated air flow is wide and achieves a good air distribution up to 3,8 m from the unit. It is very quiet in silent mode...
Ex Tax:4,488.00лв
Brand: DAIKIN Model: FHA60A9/RXM60N9
The air-conditioners from the FHA series are made to fit in a huge number of interiors thanks to its compact and clean design. It generates a wide airflow, which is distributed optimally up to 3.8 m...
Ex Tax:4,785.00лв
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