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Cassette Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric cassette air conditioners, RCG, with capacities ranging from 12 to 54,000 BTU. They have a 20% improved heat exchange compared to previous models. The perfect air conditioner for your warehouse, shop or office.

Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RCG12LVLB/ROG12LALL
A compact cassette conditioner with four paths for directing the airflow. The ventilator turbine has two rolls of wings for better blowing of the heat exchanger, thus increasing the effectiveness during heat exchange. The turbine comes with innovative wings which produce less noise than the ordinary..
Ex Tax:2,680.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RCG14LVLB/ROG14LALL
A four-way cassette air-conditioner with a ventilator turbine, which increases the heath exchange with 20%. The noise during operation is reduced, due to the turbine's wings are based on aviation tech. It provides a quick and easy access to the electric motor and the heat exchanger. The wide operati..
Ex Tax:2,850.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RCG18LVLB/ROG18LALL
The turbine is designed to create less noise and distribute the air better. It is two roll - instead of the airflow making contact with one part of the heat exchanger like in the ordinary ones, now part of the flow is redirected, in order to cover more and thus the effectiveness of the heat exchange..
Ex Tax:3,250.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RCG24LVLA/ROG24LALA
A four-way cassette Fuji Electric RCG24LVLA - ROG24LALA, that has a more effective heat exchange and produces less noise levels. It achieves power outputs of 24 000 BTU. The operational range is quite wide, which turns it into a good defense against extreme outside conditions.  -  Energy c..
Ex Tax:3,549.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RCG30LRLE/ROG30LETL
Highly-effective and powerful four-way cassette RCG30LRLE - ROG30LETL by Fuji Electric. The used ventilator turbine distributes the airflow more equally over the heat exchanger, achieving a better heat exchange process. The turbine's wings are specifically designed to reduce the noise during operati..
Ex Tax:4,399.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RCG36LRLA/ROG36LATT
Resilient to heavy loads, the three-phase cassette air conditioner RCG36LRLA/ROG36LATT generates high power outputs, while keeping the energy consumption as low as possible. The ventilator turbine is designed to increase the effectiveness of the system and to create less noise. The air flow is blown..
Ex Tax:5,990.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RCG36LRLE/ROG36LETL
The RCG36LRLE - ROG36LETL by Fuji Electric is a highly effective cassette air conditioner with four ways, through which air is being blown out. The ventilator turbine distributes the flow over the heat exchanger in a such a way that a better heat exchange is achieved. A lot less noise is generated d..
Ex Tax:4,899.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RCG45LRLA/ROG45LATT
Three-phase inverter air-conditioner, cassette type, that is quiet resilient to big loads in bad conditions. Due to this fact, the comfort levels inside are well maintained even in very cold weather. The innovative ventilator turbine distributes the sucked air on the heat exchanger's walls, thus inc..
Ex Tax:6,750.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RCG45LRLA/ROG45LETL
A cassette air-conditioner with a power output of 45 000 BTU Fuji Electric RCG45LRLA – ROG45LETL with a turbine, which increases the heat exchange by quite a lot. The noise levels are reduced thanks to the specific form of the wings. The wide operational range makes the machine into an effective mea..
Ex Tax:5,949.00лв
Four-way Cassette Fuji Electric RCG54LRLA/ROG54LATT 380V
2-3 Days
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RCG54LRLA/ROG54LATT
Powerful inverter conditioner, cassette type RCG54LRLA - ROG54LATT by Fuji Electric, that operates with a three-phase voltage, in order to ensure the needed stability and resilience to heavy loads during bad weather. thanks to the innovative turbine, the effectiveness is increased and the noise leve..
Ex Tax:7,599.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RCG54LRLA/ROG54LETL
A powerful cassette air-conditioner for huge premises. The heat exchange and also the effectiveness of the system are increased due to the new ventilator turbine that distributes the flow way better over the entire heat exchanger. The noise level of its operation is lowered, due to the used wings, w..
Ex Tax:6,779.00лв
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