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Designer Wall-Mounted Air-Conditioner Daikin FTXA25AT/RXA25A - Stylish

Designer Wall-Mounted Air-Conditioner Daikin FTXA25AT/RXA25A - Stylish energy saving
Designer Wall-Mounted Air-Conditioner Daikin FTXA25AT/RXA25A - Stylish

Daikin Blackwood, model FTXA25AS/RXA25A - the modern looking internal body will fit in most of the interiors. The air conditioner is suited for conditioning of a room with the size around 30 m2. Its nominal capacity is 2.5 kW during cooling and 2.8 kW during heating. Its exceptionally quiet operation can barely be picked up for the human ear. Energy class A+++ in both modes.

Here are some of the functions of the air conditioner:

- ECONO mode - This is a function whereby the power consumption of the air conditioner is limited by software.

- Energy saving during standby mode - In standby mode, the power consumption is 80% less.

- Night set mode - Prevents overheating or overheating of the room.

- Fan only - It can work as a fan, but the air passes through the filters described below.

- Comfort mode - Ensures cold or warm air is not aimed directly at the body of a person.

- Powerful - Reaches the set temperature for a short time, but consumes more power.

- Auto heating-cooling changeover - The air conditioning software calculates whether to heat or cool and change the mode itself.

- Indoor unit silent operation - With the "Silent" button you can reduce the noise of the indoor unit with 3 decibels.

- Outdoor unit silent operation - Reduces the noise of the outdoor unit ( up to 3 db), thus provides a more enjoyable and quiet environment for your neighbors.

- 3D airflow - This function achieves even distribution of air flow in the vertical and horizontal.

- Vertical auto swing - A valve that moves automatically up and down.

- Horizontal auto swing - A flap that moves automatically from left to right.

- Auto fan speed - The internal fan speed is adjusted according to the set temperature.

- Dry program - You can use this mode for damp rooms. The air is dried without changing the temperature.

- Flash Streamer - This filter uses high-speed electrons to kill viruses, bacteria, odors, and allergens.

- Titanium filter - Made out of titanium apatite, captures dust particles and harmful substances as well as smells from cigarettes and pets.

- Air filter - Removes most of the dust that is in the treated air.

- Weekly timer - Allows the air conditioner to be set up beforehand on a daily or weekly basis.

- Online controller - A device by which the device is controlled remotely.

- Self diagnosis - The air conditioner itself "says" what is wrong with it.

- Multi-model application - Up to five separate indoor units with different power can be connected to one outdoor unit only.

- Coanda Effect-cooling - Achieved by properly directing the airflow up and down.

- Coanda Effect-heating - Achieved by properly directing the airflow as far as possible.

- Grid eye sensor - It divides the room as a grid and directs heated or cooled air to areas where it is needed.

Area ( m2 )25 m2
Power Output [BTU]09 000
Cooling capacity2.50 (1.30 - 3.20) kW
Heat capacity2.80 (1.30 - 4.70) kW
Energy class (cooling/heating)A+++ / A+++
Annual cost of electricity (kWh/a) (cooling/heating)101 / 666
Technical data
Air circulation /pressure/ (m3/h)276 / 714
Dimensions /H x W x L/298/798/189 - 550/285/765 mm
Noise level (dBA) (Indoor/Outdoor unit)19-40 / 46 dB (A)
Voltage / Phase / Frequency230/1/50 V/Ø/Hz
Operational range (cooling/heating)-10 ~ +46 / -15 ~ +18°C DB
Net Weight (kg)13.0 / 32.00

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