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Ducted Fujitsu General

In the case of bottom return air connection, not only does the indoor unit design allow for installation in a narrow ceiling space of up to 270 mm, Further space savings have been achieved by mounting the control box internally inside the chassis.

Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ARHG24LMLA/AOHG24LBCB
It produces a power output of 30 000 BTU, which is suitable for large premises. The user can set up the pressure from 30 to 200 Pa and the airflow's volume, which can also be automatically achieved by taking into an account the size of the room. Precise control over its operation can be done via the..
Ex Tax:2,889.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ARHG30LMLE/AOHG30LETL
The air-conditioner uses i-PAM for inverter control of the compressor, which reduces the energy losses. It's a duct type, which can be installed in the suspended ceiling or embedded inside a wall. It can be a part of a group or in a BMS. Maintains the comfort by automatically switching from one mode..
Ex Tax:3,499.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ARHG36LMLA/AOHG36LATT
Three-phase duct type air-conditioner, whose design allows for additional air ducts to be connected, though which a sucked in from outside air can be transported inside the building. It effectively maintains a 10°C with the goal of preventing further cooling of a premise. the user can set a temperat..
Ex Tax:5,299.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ARHG36LMLE/AOHG36LETL
A duct type for installation in suspended ceiling or embedding inside walls. It can be a part of a group control or in BMS. It includes technologies like i-PAM and function for increasing the effectiveness of the machine. The operational range that set by the user is effectively maintain. It can als..
Ex Tax:3,999.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ARHG45LMLA/AOHG45LATT
A design, which includes technologies for increasing the effectiveness and which allows for fresh air to be introduced inside the building. It is made to achieve and maintain the comfort levels in halls and premises inside offices, restaurants, shops and other. The pressure can be set up by the user..
Ex Tax:5,749.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ARHG45LMLA/AOHG45LETL
Created with technologies for increasing its effectiveness and for steady maintaining of the comfort in halls and large premises. It is installed on suspended ceilings and inside walls. It effectively operates in economical mode, when providing heat to maintain 10°C and when a operational diapason i..
Ex Tax:4,849.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ARHG12LHTBP/AOHG12LBLA
Duct type air-conditioner with a good seasonal effectiveness. It is designed to be installed at suspended ceiling or to be embedded in a wall. The pressure can be set from 30 to 200 Pa. the user can also turn on a function for automatic regulation of the airflow's volume by taking into account the s..
Ex Tax:2,900.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ARHG12LLTB/AOHG12LALL
Features:  -  It uses quality DC elements and the V-PAM technology which ensures high power outputs and effectiveness.  -  Fresh air can be transported to the indoor module.  -  The system can operate in a group or to be a part of BMS - control system.  -  Ver..
Ex Tax:2,680.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ARHG14LHTBP/AOHG14LBLA
Duct type air-conditioner, that allows for the pressure to be set at 30 to 200 Pa and also can automatically regulate the volume of the airflow as per the size of the premise. It is design for embedding in a wall or installation in a suspended ceiling. The V-shaped heat exchanger and the air stabili..
Ex Tax:3,150.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ARHG14LLTB/AOHG14LALL
A relatively quite air duct air-conditioner for installation on a suspended ceiling or inside a wall. It can operate in a group or under a BMS control. It combines technologies and function for more efficient operations, while achieving high power outputs. It effectively prevents a room or premise f..
Ex Tax:2,780.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ARHG18LHTBP/AOHG18LBCA
Very quiet duct type air-conditioner, that produces noise around 20 db(A). It can be a part of group management system or BMS. Additional info:  -  The pressure can be set from 30 to 200 Pa.  -  The volume of the airflow can be regulated with a function, which takes into consider..
Ex Tax:3,350.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ARHG18LLTB/AOHG18LBCB
A duct type air-conditioner for embedding in a wall or installation on a suspended ceiling. It is designed with technology and elements for achieving the highest possible power outputs and economy. It efficiently prevents pipes and such from freezing in a premise during the winter. The main modes ar..
Ex Tax:2,880.00лв
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