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Floor standing Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric - 9, 12 or 14,000 BTU floor air conditioners are ideal for heating or cooling rooms where another type of air conditioner would create discomfort for occupants.

Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RYG18LVTB/ROG18LALL
Powerful air conditioning system for floor and ceiling installation. It has a wide operational range, which makes it ideal tool to defend from bad weather conditions. It is suitable for conference halls and offices. The indoor body comes in white.  -  It has economical mode with which 20% ..
Ex Tax:2,699.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RYG24LVTA/ROG24LALA
Floor ceiling unit for air conditioning of large rooms, vast premises, conference rooms or offices. It creates ideal conditions and effectively protects against discomfort. It comes in white.  -  It has economical mode with which 20% of the consumed energy can be saved.  -  Durin..
Ex Tax:2,999.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RGG09LVCA/ROG09LVCA
A floor mounted air-conditioner by Fuji electric, whose design allows for many ways for this to be installed. It creates two autonomous airflows (a lower one, which is send alongside the floor and a upper one). The two ventilator turbines that are combined with swinging flaps allow for a better dist..
Ex Tax:2,249.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RGG12LVCA/ROG12LVCA
Silent and compact floor mounted air conditioner from Fuji Electric, which blows outs two separate airflows - one is directed alongside the floor and the second is pointed towards the ceiling. The goal is to create really good conditions in the room. It provides flexibility during its installation. ..
Ex Tax:2,549.00лв
Brand: Fuji Electric Model: RGG14LVCA/ROG14LVCA
Powerful and effective floor mounted conditioner, which blows out two air streams from below and from the top, achieving a comforting sensation and a better temperature balance across the room. The indoor body has a clean white vision, suitable for many interiors.  -  Energy class A++\A+&n..
Ex Tax:2,999.00лв
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