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Floor standing Fuji Electric

Floor standing Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric - 9, 12 or 14,000 BTU floor air conditioners are ideal for heating or cooling rooms where another type of air conditioner would create discomfort for occupants.

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Fuji Electric RYG45LRTE - ROG45LETL ASK US

Fuji Electric RYG45LRTE - ROG45LETL

An inverter ceiling air-conditioner, that generates a high power output for cooling or heating of la..


Floo Mounted r Air conditioner Fuji Electric RGG12LVCA

Silent and compact floor mounted air conditioner from Fuji Electric, which blows outs two separate a..


Floor Air conditioner Fuji Electric RGG14LVCA

Powerful and effective floor mounted conditioner, which blows out two air streams from below and fro..


Floor-mounted Air-conditioner Fuji Electric RGG09LVCA

A floor mounted air-conditioner by Fuji electric, whose design allows for many ways for this to be i..


Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner Fuji Electric RYG24LVTA - ROG24LALA

Floor ceiling unit for air conditioning of large rooms, vast premises, conference rooms or offices. ..


Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner Fuji Electric RYG18LVTB/ROG18LALL

Powerful air conditioning system for floor and ceiling installation. It has a wide operational range..


FUJI ELECTRIC 8,50 - 10,00 kW 30LRTE Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner

An inverter air-conditioner for ceiling or concealed installation. It is suitable for offices and la..


FUJI ELECTRIC 9,40 - 11,20 kW 36LRTE Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner, 230V , 50Hz

Inverter air-conditioner for ceiling or semi-hidden installation. It generates a wide air-flow, whic..


FUJI ELECTRIC 10,00 - 11,20 kW 36LRTA Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner 3 Ph 400V , 50Hz

Three-phase air-conditioning system for a ceiling installation. It generates a wide airflow, which i..


FUJI ELECTRIC 12,50 - 14,00 kW 45LRTA Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner, 3 Ph 400V, 50Hz

A three-phase air-conditioner that generates a wide airflow, which can reach up to 18 meters in leng..


Floor-Ceiling Air conditioner Fuji Electric RYG54LRTA - ROG54LATT 3 Ph 400V 50Hz

A power output of 54 000 BTU is generated by the ceiling air-conditioner RYG54LRTA/ROG54LATT. It cre..