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Floor standing Toshiba

Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-B10U2FVG-E1/RAS-10PAVSG-E
A floor air-conditioner, which has two exit openings (one upper and one lower), with which the airflow can be regulated, so that a level of comfort is achieved as per the user's needs...
Ex Tax:2,200.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-B13U2FVG-E1/RAS-13PAVSG-E
A floor air-conditioner which can distribute the airflow from only the upper or lower exit opening or from the two at the same time. That way the user can regulate how the system operates, in order to achieve certain results...
Ex Tax:2,530.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-B18U2FVG-E1/RAS-18PAVSG-E
A powerful floor air-conditioner, which can regulate the airflow by allowing it to exit from the upper, lower or simultaneously from the two opening...
Ex Tax:3,220.00лв
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