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Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Fuji Electric RSG18LFCA/ROG18LFC

Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Fuji Electric RSG18LFCA/ROG18LFC ion-deodorizing apple-catechin filters
Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Fuji Electric RSG18LFCA/ROG18LFC

The air-conditioners from the LFC series by Fuji Electric are powerful, in order to be used in large premises. With the help of the i-PAM system, which controls the unit in such a way, that high power outputs are achieved, this product will create ideal conditions without an issue and without heaving too much on the electricity bill.

  -  Energy class A++\A

  -  Power Output of 18 000 BTU

  -  It comes in two filters: an ion-deodorizing one and an apple-catechin. The first one neutralizes the smell, the second one destroys bacteria, microorganisms and spores. The filtered air is fresh and contributes to the creation of a healthier environment for life. When it must be cleaned, the system will signalize.

  -  The flaps swing horizontally and vertically. This way during heating, the air-flow is directed vertically towards the floor and during cooling, it is blown out horizontally but not directly at the residents in the room. The force of the flow is automatically controlled as per the situation.

  -  It has several modes, whose goals are achieving better consumption rates (economy mode can save up to 20% of the energy), maximum power outputs (quick cooling or heating of the room) or a more comfortable sleep.

  -  Due to it being an inverter, the conditioner can switch to heating or cooling, in order to maintain the comfort without variation.

  -  It can also keep the temperature at 10°C. This function can be used in premises, which might not have regular and long staying visits and the things inside should not freeze.

  -  The planning is done via the Off / On timer.

  -  It self-restarts it after the power is made available again.

Area ( m2 )
Power Output [BTU]18 000
Cooling capacity3.20 (0.90 - 6.00) kW
Heat capacity6.30 (0.90 - 9.10) kW
Energy class (cooling/heating)A++ / A
Annual cost of electricity (kWh/a) (cooling/heating)262 / 2130
Technical data
Air circulation /pressure/ (m3/h)900 / 2150
Dimensions /H x W x L/320/998/238 - 620/790/290 mm
Noise level (dBA) (Indoor/Outdoor unit)26-42 / 51 dB (A)
Voltage / Phase / Frequency230/1/50 V/Ø/Hz
Operational range (cooling/heating)-10 ~ +46 / -15 ~ +24°C DB
Net Weight (kg)14.0 / 41.00

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