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Heat pumps LG

The interest in heating a heat pump is largely related to the LG brand. Get information, opinions, and get acquainted with our ClimaHit store to find out the different products, prices, and specifications related to the LG heat pump.

Brand: LG Model: HN1616T.NB0 - HU121.U33
ClimaHit offers the new heat pump model - 12 kW for heating, single-phase with built-in boiler 200 l for LG. A practical appliance and is great for heating an apartment, as well as in single-family houses and buildings. Get to know the LG product range for heat pumps...
Ex Tax:17,355.00лв
Brand: LG Model: HN1616T.NB0 - HU123.U33
Heat pump LG Therma V with an internal boiler, which has a capacity of 200 l. The water is effectively heated up to 80 °C via two-step compression. The noise has been lowered during the DC compressor's operation. The 40 liter buffer saves space and makes the system compatible to many installations. ..
Ex Tax:17,772.00лв
Brand: LG Model: HN1616T.NB0 - HU141.U33
Introducing the new LG heat pump model for single-family homes as well as a good application for apartments. LG's heat pumps also specialize in an innovative aspect and offer an eco-solution with an air-to-water source and a 14 kW heat transformation capacity with good COP and EER energy performance..
Ex Tax:17,690.00лв
Brand: LG Model: HN1616T.NB0 - HU143.U33
Heat pump LG Therma V with very good coefficients for effectiveness, achieved by the inverter technologies. It comes with a 200 liter boiler that heats up the water to 80 °C via a two-step compression. The 40 liters buffer vessel makes the system suitable for many types of internal installations. Th..
Ex Tax:18,106.00лв
Brand: LG Model: HN1616T.NB0 - HU161.U33
Heat pump Therma V with an internal boiler, which has a capacity of 200 l. The system is a low temperature one and uses single voltage phase, which makes it suitable for family housing and apartments. It comes with a buffer vessel of 40 l, which broadens the possible variants of heat installations, ..
Ex Tax:18,147.00лв
Brand: LG Model: HN1616T.NB0 - HU163.U33
The Heat Pumps are very effective for setting up and maintaining great conditions inside the home. Therma V by LG is one of the most energy-saving and with great performance on the market. It comes with an internal 200 l boiler that heats up water to 80 °C via a two-step compression. It can be adapt..
Ex Tax:18,857.00лв
Brand: LG Model: HN1616.NK3 - HU051.U43
Therma V is a highly efficient system for creating and maintaining good conditions at home...
Ex Tax:9,213.00лв
Brand: LG Model: HN1616.NK3 - HU071.U43
Therma V creates and maintains the comfort via a very effective way, thus it satisfies the senses and saves the wallet...
Ex Tax:9,365.00лв
Model: HN1616.NK3 - HU091.U43
The 9 kW Therma V effectively heats during the winter and cools the place during the summer. Economical system for maintaining the comfort...
Ex Tax:9,516.00лв
Brand: LG Model: HN1616.NK3 - HU121.U43
Therma V is for economical yet effective conditioning of larger homes. It is reliable in low temperatures...
Ex Tax:11,436.00лв
Brand: LG Model: HN1616.NK3 - HU141.U43
A powerful heat pump by LG, which satisfies the need for comfort without being a huge weight on the electricity bills. Thanks to its design, the installation is easier and due to its improved compressor technology, the desired results are reached...
Ex Tax:11,771.00лв
Brand: LG Model: HN1616.NK3 - HU161.U43
A powerful heat pump from the Therma V series, which reliably maintains pleasant conditions in big homes. Its improved technologies guarantee good results without much power consumption...
Ex Tax:12,228.00лв
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