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Hyper-Inverter Air Conditioner Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN60VGV/MUZ-LN60VG

Hyper-Inverter Air Conditioner Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN60VGV/MUZ-LN60VG Wall mounted Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi Electric

An air-conditioner with the highest power output in the LN series - it created to maintain the comfort on a high level in large rooms. /it comes with a stylish, silver-colored indoor body.

  -  Energy class A++\A++

  -  Power Outputs 20 000 BTU

  -  The circulated air is purified from pollutants, viruses, dust particles and mold, thanks to the Plasma Quad Plus filtering system.

  -  Designed with quality elements, which create its image of a highly effective conditioner. The indoor & outdoor bodies' ventilators (Joint Lad DC or Poki-Poki) are created for high performance with little energy consumption. The heat exchanger comes with ribbed pipping, with which the heat exchange area is made larger and thus the heat can be transfered faster and efficiently to the circulated air.

  -  The heat exchanger, the air duct and the ventilator come with a double anti- mold and dust cover.

  -  The conditioner uses tech, which allow for a better usage of the generated power and for more efficient consumption of energy, without a significant decrease of the comfort. Such technologies are the PAM and Econo Cool.

  -  It arrives with an innovative sensor system, which monitors the temperature inside the room and can spot human presence. It is the conditioner's eye and learns about where the temperature doesn't match the set value and therefore it takes the necessary action to equalize the temperature by directing the airflow at the places with the differences. This way a lot of unnecessary heating is being prevented, which results in lower energy consumption.

  -  In order to achieve a better comfort, the conditioner directs the air flow in a such way, that it doesn't make the users uncomfortable.

  -  All of this achieved via the innovative double flips, which swing vertically and horizontally, so that the air can get to even the most remote locations in the premises.

  -  If you are not sure how to setup the speed of the ventilator, then you can just use the auto setting which will regulate it and from there the strength of the flow as well.

  -  The conditioner is controlled via a remote. As an option, PAR-32MAA can be also used due to its compatibility. For those who want more control and extras, a Wi-Fi module can be installed, which grants access to the system's resources from a PC, tablet or a phone.

  -  With one push of a button, you can bring back a saved setting and the the conditioner will start working based on the new values.

  -  You can plan its operation in 24 hour or weekly period.

  -  The heating and cooling modes can be tweaked from the control panel of the indoor body, when the conditioner has to be adapted to a specific role.

  -  The settings are saved, so that even after a power shortage, they can be again used once the system self-restarts.

  -  The self-diagnostic helps a lot during the fixing of issues. The errors that come up during exploitation are saved for later review.

Area ( m2 )
Output in BTU20 000
Капацитет охлаждане6.10 (1.40 - 6.90) kW
Капацитет отопление6.80 (1.80 - 9.30) kW
Енергиен клас (охлаждане/отопление)А++ / А++
Годишен разход на електроенергия (kWh/a) (охлаждане/отопление) kWh/a
Technical parameters
Размери /В х Ш х Д/307 x 890 x 233 / 880 x 840 x 330 mm
Ниво на шум (dBA) (Вътрешно/Външно тяло)49/55 dB (A)
Напрежение / Фаза / Честота230/1/50 V/Ø/Hz
Работен диапазон (охлаждане/отопление) -10 ~ 46 / -15 ~ 24 °C DB
Тегло нето (kg)15.50 / 55.00 kg

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Hyper-Inverter Air Conditioner Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN60VGV/MUZ-LN60VG Wall mounted Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN60VGV/MUZ-LN60VG

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