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Inverter Fuji Electric

Inverter Fuji Electric

The long-term development and innovation of the Fuji Electric inverter air conditioners ensures excellence in terms of efficiency and service life.

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Air conditioner Wall mounted Fuji Electric RSG07LMCA

The clean and compact design was created to be a fine addition in as many as possible interiors. Beh..


FUJI ELECTRIC 07 000 BTU RSG07KGTA Hyper-Inverter Air-conditioner

Its seasonal indicators for effectiveness are one of the highest for the generated power output. Thi..


FUJI ELECTRIC 07 000 BTU RSG07KMTA Wall-mounted Air-conditioner

Air-conditioner by Fuji Electric with a reasonable price tag, that achieves high energy effectivenes..


FUJI ELECTRIC 09 000 BTU RSG09KGTA Hyper-Inverter Air-conditioner

Highly efficient system for air conditioning of homes and offices. Its qualities are a result of the..


FUJI ELECTRIC 09 000 BTU RSG09KMTA Wall-mounted Air-conditioner

Fuji Electric present the effective invert conditioner from the KMTA series, which creates good cond..


FUJI ELECTRIC 12 000 BTU 12LLCC Wall-mounted Air conditioner

The stylish indoor body is suitable for many interiors. It comes with improvements in the heat excha..


FUJI ELECTRIC 12 000 BTU 12LMCA Wall-mounted Air-conditioner

An inverter conditioner with a clean and elegant look for creating pleasant conditions at the office..


FUJI ELECTRIC 12 000 BTU RSG12KGTA Hyper-Inverter Air-conditioner

Very effective conditioner by Fuji Electric, it creates comfortable conditions via an economical way..


FUJI ELECTRIC 12 000 BTU RSG12KMTA Wall-mounted Air-conditioner

Powerful and effective conditioner from the KMTA series by Fuji Electric, that has style and functio..


FUJI ELECTRIC 14 000 BTU RSG14KGTA Hyper-Inverter Air-conditioner

The most powerful conditioner from the KGTA series by Fuji Electric. It comes with functionalities f..


FUJI ELECTRIC 14 000 BTU RSG14KMTA Wall-mounted Air-conditioner

The most powerful model from the KMTA series. It combines the stylish look with great effectiveness...


FUJI ELECTRIC 14 000 BTU RSG14LMCA Wall-mounted Air conditioner

An inverter air-conditioner with the highest power outputs from the LMCA series, with which large pr..


FUJI ELECTRIC 18 000 BTU 18LFCA Wall-mounted Air conditioner

The air-conditioners from the LFC series by Fuji Electric are powerful, in order to be used in large..


FUJI ELECTRIC 18 000 BTU RSG18KLCA Wall-mounted Air conditioner

A powerful air-conditioner that comes in small sizes, which blows a strong and wide air-flow and cre..


FUJI ELECTRIC 24 000 BTU RSG24KLCA Wall-mounted Air conditioner

A system for air conditioning by Fuji Electric, which combines high power outputs with compact sizes..


FUJI ELECTRIC 24 000 BTU RSG24LFCA Wall-mounted Air conditioner

A air-conditioning system with great power outputs for heating of large premises. It comes with a te..


FUJI ELECTRIC 9 000 BTU 09LLCB Wall-mounted Air-conditioner

Thanks to the two-roll heat exchanger, the conditioner can provide good heating even in bad winter w..


FUJI ELECTRIC 9 000 BTU 09LUCA Air conditioner Wall mounted

Stylish and elegant, powerful and economical - it combines the best characteristics of a quality con..


FUJI ELECTRIC 9 000 BTU RSG09LMCA Air conditioner Wall mounted

The clean design will fit in a lot of interiors and its functionality will guarantee a comfort at th..


Fuji Electric RSG09LLCC Wall-mounted Conditioner

Inverter conditioner by Fuji Electric, which comes with an upgraded highly efficient heat exchanger,..