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Inverter Fujitsu General

Inverter air conditioners Fujitsu General 2018th year come to us with: 20% higher efficiency, 37% improved heat exchange and 25% higher airflow. Order from Fujitsu General inverter air conditioners and take our super-installation and our free delivery in Sofia-town.

Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG12LVLB/AOHG12LALL
Four-way cassette with a compact size for a ceiling installation inside offices, restaurants, shops and other. Features:  -  Thanks to the V-PAM inverter technology, the high power outputs and effectiveness are achieved.  -  Two roll ventilator turbine evenly distributes the air ..
Ex Tax:2,680.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG14LVLB/AOHG14LALL
Four-way compact cassette, which can operate very economically, when maintaining a temp. of 10°C or when precisely controls its operations, in order to prevent unnecessary heating or cooling. Its effectiveness is improved with the two-roll turbine, which evenly distributes the air on the heat exchan..
Ex Tax:2,850.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG18LVLB/AOHG18LBCB
A cassette, that is created entirely out DC elements, which also is installed on a suspended ceiling and thanks to its compact size, it allows for the necessary flexibility during installation. It is exceptionally effective system due to the ventilator turbine being a two-roll type, thus allowing fo..
Ex Tax:3,250.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG24LVLA/AOHG24LBCB
A cassette, which can be connected wit air ducts, through which fresh air from outside is supplied. Its compact size allows for greater flexibility during its installation, i.e. choosing a place and the process of mounting it on the suspended ceiling. Its effectiveness is high due to several factors..
Ex Tax:3,549.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG30LRLE/AOHG30LETL
Four way cassette, to which air ducts can connect, though which fresh air from outside can be pushed inside, and also canals can be connected too, in order to be distributors of the airflow. It generates a power output of 30 000 BTU, which is suitable for air-conditioning of offices, shops, restaura..
Ex Tax:4,399.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG36LRLA/AOHG36LATT
A four-way cassette, which operates with a three-phase voltage, in order to ensure the needed stability of the system. Created for premises and halls inside shops, restaurants and office buildings. The comfort levels are easily maintained vie the automated functions. The high power output is achieve..
Ex Tax:5,990.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG36LRLE/AOHG36LETL
A powerful four-way cassette, which has the option to connect with additional air ducts for delivering fresh air from outside through them and canals, that are used for better distribution of the air. Thanks to the high power output, its efficiency and 3D design of the ventilator's flaps, which redu..
Ex Tax:4,899.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG45LRLA/AOHG45LATT
Three-phase cassette for air conditioning of shops, restaurants and office buildings. It achieves a power output of 45 000 BTU thanks to the inverter technology V-PAM. It generates less noise and creates a pleasant airflow with the improved flaps and ventilator turbine.It has to be started once, in ..
Ex Tax:6,750.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG45LRLA/AOHG45LETL
A four-way cassette, that generates a high power output of 45 000 BTU. Many of its functions are automatized, not only to make a less of a hassle to control but also that it can more effectively maintain the comfort. It comes with many improvements in the design of the ventilator's flaps, which gene..
Ex Tax:5,949.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG54LRLA/AOHG54LATT
Three-phase cassette, which is suitable for larger halls and premises in restaurants, shops and offices, The generated power output is 54 000 BTU. It creates a powerful and directional airflow with less noise. A large effectiveness is generated when operating in economic mode and during 10 °C heatin..
Ex Tax:6,779.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUHG54LRLA/AOHG54LETL
An air-conditioner for a ceiling installation, type cassette, which generates an output power of 54 000 BTU. It is designed for premises and halls in office buildings, restaurants, shops and others. It is created to make it easy for the users to set the desired comfort levels and leave everything el..
Ex Tax:6,779.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: AUXG18LRLB/AOHG18LBCA
Highly effective cassette, which generates a wide airflow, with whose effect the temperature across the room are equalized. The flows from all of the ways can be individually controlled, so that a unique comfort is created.  The system is energy efficient due to:  -  Economical mode, ..
Ex Tax:3,600.00лв
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