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Air conditioner Wall mounted Fuji Electric RSG07LMCA Wall mounted Fuji Electric RSG07LMCA

Air conditioner Wall mounted Fuji Electric RSG07LMCA Wall mounted Fuji Electric Fuji Electric

The clean and compact design was created to be a fine addition in as many as possible interiors. Behind its elegance a machine is hidden, which can protect the comfort in even harsh conditions.

  -  Energy class A++\A+

  -  Power Output 07 000 BTU

  -  The filtering system includes two filters: one ion deodorizing (it neutralizes the smells) and apple-catechin (it purifies the air from microorganisms and spores). the signaling system lets you know when it is needed to be cleaned, which is done easily with a running water.

  -  As an inverter conditioning system, it can choose when to switch from one of the main modes. The decision is made in order to address the situation, in which it finds itself.

  -  Its multifunction nature helps it for achieving the desired comfort.

  -  The first mode is the Economical one, which can save up to 20% of the energy without disturbing the comfort.

  -  The second is the Powerful mode, which is used to quickly reach a set temperature. It lasts for 20 minutes and once the job is done, it switches back to normal operations.

  -  It has Silent mode for when the silence and peace are a much needed. And during sleep, the conditioner changes the temperature with the aim for a healthier sleep.

  -  When a premises will be unattended for a long time but the temperature must not fall to critical levels, the system can heat up at 10 °C which prevents the frosting of pipping, flowers and others.

  -  The flaps swing up and down, which in turn ensure a comfortable distribution of the warm or cool air. During the heating mode, the air-flow is directed towards the floor, but during the cooling mode - it is directed towards the horizontal plane. The force of the air stream is also regulated, in order to achieve the best sensation.

  -  It comes with timers for planning.

  -  After a power shortage, the system self-restarts.

Output in BTU07 000
Капацитет охлаждане2.00 (0.50 - 3.00) kW
Капацитет отопление3.00 (0.50 - 3.40) kW
Енергиен клас (охлаждане/отопление)А++/ А+
Годишен разход на електроенергия (kWh/a) (охлаждане/отопление)103 / 786 kWh/a
Technical parameters
Размери /В х Ш х Д/268x840x203 / 535x663x293 mm
Ниво на шум (dBA) (Вътрешно/Външно тяло)22-43/45 dB (A)
Напрежение / Фаза / Честота230/1/50 V/Ø/Hz
Работен диапазон (охлаждане/отопление)-10~43 / -15~24°C DB
Тегло нето (kg)8.5 / 21

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Air conditioner Wall mounted Fuji Electric RSG07LMCA Wall mounted Fuji Electric RSG07LMCA

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