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Air conditioner Wall mounted Gree GWH18UC-K3DNA4F U-Crown Wall mounted Gree GWH18UC-K3DNA4F

Air conditioner Wall mounted Gree GWH18UC-K3DNA4F U-Crown Wall mounted Gree Gree

A hyper-inverter air-conditioner of a high class U-Crown GWH18UC-K3DNA4F. The indoor body comes with a ultra-thin (a width of only 17 cm) and a modern looking design. It comes with functions to create the desired comfort by purifying and refreshing the air, by effectively conditioning the premise without creating much noise. Details are as follow:

  -  A wide operational range - Generates maximum power outputs at -7 C° and it drops to about 80% of its capacity at -30°. This is achieved with the reliable two-rotor compressor, which comes with a heater for defrosting during the winter.
  -  It is created to provide the much needed comfort by not only maintaining pleasant room temperatures but also by not generating high noise levels. At 20 db it is practically inaudible for the human ear.
  -  For an easier and faster access to the machine's resources, phones and PC can connect to the internal Wi-Fi module.
  -  An innovative compressor technology is used, in order to reduce the energy consumption.
  -  When using Turbo mode - this will make the system's consumption rate to go up but then the desired temperature will be reached sooner during cooling mode.
  -  The system generates a wide air-flow with a horizontal angle of 130° and vertical one of 180°. Thus a larger area of the room can be covered and much faster than before. The flow is also directed in four directions by the swinging flaps.
  -  It defrosts only when the heat exchanger is of a need of removing ice from its surface.
  -  It can self-diagnose for potential issues withing the system.
  -  It comes with several filters: preliminary, photocatalytic, silver-ion one and an ionizer. Together they neutralize bacteria, mold and dust, purifying the air to absolute freshness.
  -  It self-restarts after a timely power outage and uses the same settings as prior to the event.
  -  A timer for controlling its operation at a certain period of time.
  -  During heating, the air is not blown out of the indoor body and is done so, only when it is heated enough, thus preventing the unpleasant cold feeling in the first several minutes.
  -  The ventilator has seven gears
Output in BTU18 000
Капацитет охлаждане5.28 (0.90 – 5.75) kW
Капацитет отопление5.28 (0.75 – 7.25) kW
Енергиен клас (охлаждане/отопление)А++ / А+
Годишен разход на електроенергия (kWh/a) (охлаждане/отопление)1.60 /1.42 kWh/a
Technical parameters
Размери /В х Ш х Д/320x960x205 / 700x950x396 mm
Ниво на шум (dBA) (Вътрешно/Външно тяло)22-46/56 dB (A)
Напрежение / Фаза / Честота230/1/50 V/Ø/Hz
Работен диапазон (охлаждане/отопление)-18 ~ 54 / -30 ~ 24 °C DB
Тегло нето (kg)14 / 51

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Air conditioner Wall mounted Gree GWH18UC-K3DNA4F U-Crown Wall mounted Gree GWH18UC-K3DNA4F

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