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Air conditioner Wall mounted Toshiba RAS-16G2KVP-E/RAS-16G2AVP-E DAISEIKAI 8 Wall mounted Toshiba RAS-16G2KVP-E/RAS-16G2AVP-E

Air conditioner Wall mounted ToshibaRAS-16G2KVP-E/RAS-16G2AVP-E DAISEIKAI 8 Wall mounted Toshiba Toshiba

Hyper-invert air-conditioner, which combines functionality, high performance and clean design in one highly technological solution for creating comfort at home. By taking advantage of the good things about amplitude-impulse and wide-impulse modulations, a great power output and economy are achieved with this system. 

  -  Energy class A++/A++

  -  Power Output of 16 000 BTU

  -  A filtering system, which removes a big part of the harmful substances and microorganisms. It includes both plasma and ion filters.

  -  Economical mode - Reduces the power consumption and prevents the room to be cooled too much.

  -  Powerful mode - Operates on maximum capacity and blows out a strong flow (650m3/h), in order to quickly reach the desired temperature without the noise level of the fan to disturb the comfort.

  -  Quiet mode - The noise is reduced by 3 db while the ventilator speed is significantly slowed.

  -  Sleep mode - Creates a comfortable conditions for sleep by raising the temperature by 1 °C and after two hours - by 2 °C. The temperature is maintained then till the morning.

  -  The system allows the power output to be regulated by the user, in order to achieve better economy. Comes with three steps.

  -  The user can program his\hers settings and save them, so that they can be used later when needed.

  -  When there is no one at home for a long period of time (just like during the winter holidays), the conditioner can be set to operate on the lowest heat setting (8 °C). This way the plants or the water in the pipes won't freeze.

  -  The air flow is automatically controlled by the swinging flaps that go through twelve different positions. That way the temperature is distributed evenly throughout the premises.

  -  It self-restarts once the power comes back.

Output in BTU16 000
Капацитет охлаждане4.50 (0.63 - 5.00) kW
Капацитет отопление5.50 (0.65 - 6.80) kW
Енергиен клас (охлаждане/отопление)A++ / А++
Годишен разход на електроенергия (kWh/a) (охлаждане/отопление)1.300 / 1.370 kWh/а
Technical parameters
Размери /В х Ш х Д/293x831x270 / 630x800x300 mm
Ниво на шум (dBA) (Вътрешно/Външно тяло)45/50 dB(A)
Напрежение / Фаза / Честота230/1/50 V/Ø/Hz
Работен диапазон (охлаждане/отопление)-10~46 / -15~24 °C DB

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Air conditioner Wall mounted Toshiba RAS-16G2KVP-E/RAS-16G2AVP-E DAISEIKAI 8 Wall mounted Toshiba RAS-16G2KVP-E/RAS-16G2AVP-E

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