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Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-B13N3KV2-E1/RAS-13N3AV2-E1 SUZUMI Plus

Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-B13N3KV2-E1/RAS-13N3AV2-E1 SUZUMI Plus iaq filter
Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-B13N3KV2-E1/RAS-13N3AV2-E1 SUZUMI Plus

Suzumi Plus is an innovative series, which has a goal to create the needed comfort via an economical and clean way. Its lower consumption and high power outputs can be attributed to its hybrid design, which combines two modulations: PAM and PWM. It comes with a IAQ filter, which cleans the air and does not allow unpleasant smells and bacteria to spread.

  -  Energy class А++ / А+

  -  Power Output 10 000 BTU

  -  A filter system IAQ, which destroys most of the bacteria and the virus influenza, prevents the creation of mold and fungi and also absorbs and breaks down smoke, volatile compound and smells from food and animals.

  -  Economy mode - Does not allow for further cooling of the room and reduces the power consumption.

  -  Powerful mode - The desired temperature is quickly reached by making the conditioner operate on maximum capacity.

  -  Silent mode - The speed of the ventilator is lowered and thus the noise level goes lower.

  -  Sleep mode - It creates good conditions for sleep. The temperature is raised by 1 °C after an hour and by one more degree after two hours and this level is maintained till the morning.

  -  The protection of the conditioner's internals against the mold is done via a self-cleaning function, which dries out the body.

  -  The equal distribution of the air-flow and the temperature is done via the automatic swinging of the flaps between the twelve possible positions.

  -  Self-restarts after a power shortage.

  -  The ventilator can change its speed to five different settings.

  -  The programming of the system's operation can be done from the weekly timer.

Area ( m2 )10 - 15 m2
Power Output [BTU]13 000
Cooling capacity3.50 (0.80 - 4.10) kW
Heat capacity4.20 (0.90 - 5.60) kW
Energy class (cooling/heating)А++ / А+
Annual cost of electricity (kWh/a) (cooling/heating)198 / 1077
Technical data
Air circulation /pressure/ (m3/h)
Dimensions /H x W x L/275/790/225 - 550/780/290 mm
Noise level (dBA) (Indoor/Outdoor unit)26-40 / 50 dB(A)
Voltage / Phase / Frequency230/1/50 V/Ø/Hz
Operational range (cooling/heating)-15 ~ +46 / -15 ~ +24°C DB
Net Weight (kg)10.00 / 33.00

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