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Console Air-conditioner Fujitsu General AGHG09LVCA/AOHG09LVCA

Console Air-conditioner Fujitsu General AGHG09LVCA/AOHG09LVCA compact energy-efficient
Console Air-conditioner Fujitsu General AGHG09LVCA/AOHG09LVCA

A console air-conditioner, whose design is astounding due to including two independent ventilator turbines, with which the comfortable atmosphere is quickly created. The lower ventilator is not used once the desired temperature is reached and only needs to be maintained. Its size allow it to be installed in many places, such as: under a standard window, on the wall, in a wall niche or to be semi-built-in. Some additional info:

  -  The filtering system purifies the air from pollens, microorganisms, fine dust particles and neutralizes the unpleasant smells.

  -  It can operate very efficiently by precisely controlling the system's functions, in order to prevent unnecessary heating or cooling.

  -  The user can set a temperature diapason, which can be maintained with great efficiency while also taking into consideration the users' comfort.

  -  It can heat at 10°C, which is ideal for room that aren't being used for a long time.

  -  The system switches from one mode to another as per the situation. In order for all sectors in the room to have the same temperature, the flaps swing up and down, directing the airflow where it is needed, and the ventilator regulates its force.

  -  It comes with four types of timers for planning its operations.

Area ( m2 )
Power Output [BTU]09 000
Cooling capacity2.60 (0.90 ~ 3.50) kW
Heat capacity3.50 (0.90 ~ 5.50) kW
Energy class (cooling/heating)A++ / A+
Annual cost of electricity (kWh/a) (cooling/heating)130 / 967
Technical data
Air circulation /pressure/ (m3/h)570 / 1680
Dimensions /H x W x L/600/200/740 - 540/290/790 mm
Noise level (dBA) (Indoor/Outdoor unit)22-40 / 47 dB (A)
Voltage / Phase / Frequency230/1/50 V/Ø/Hz
Operational range (cooling/heating)-10 ~ +46 / -15 ~ +24°C DB
Net Weight (kg)14.00 / 36.00

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