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Ceilling Air-conditioner  Fujitsu General ABHG30LRTE/AOHG30LETL

Ceilling Air-conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG30LRTE/AOHG30LETL Ceiling Fujitsu General Fujitsu General

A ceiling mounted air-conditioner with an elegant appearance, that generates a wide airflow, which encompasses more volume in the premise. Its automatic nature allow it to create and maintain the comfort with minimal input from the users. It alone changes the operational modes (heating or cooling) and the direction (over the horizontal or vertical plain) and the force of the flow. Its high power output and efficiency make it ideal for offices, stores and other. Additional features:

  -  The i-PAM inverter control manipulates the incoming voltage, so that the machine is more economical.

  -  It can become more efficient when working in economical mode, whose function is to precisely control the conditioner's job with the goal of preventing excessive heating or cooling.

  -  The users can set a temperature range for the room, which is to be maintained.

  -  Fresh air from outside can be sucked in by the outdoor ventilator and sent through air ducts to the indoor unit. This is optional.

  -  Once turned on, the air-conditioner keeps on working until there is turn off command and it isn't affected by the power shortages, due to self-restarting and using the last saved settings.

  -  The filtering system is made off ion-deodorizing and apple-catechin filters, whose processes neutralize unpleasant smells and destroy microorganism, mold spores and fine dust particles.

  -  It comes with timers for:

     Automatic shutdown

     Sleep - which regulate the environment to get the best conditions for sleeping

     Programming its job during the day and week

Output in BTU30 000
Капацитет охлаждане8.50 (2.80 - 10.00) kW
Капацитет отопление10.00 (2.70 - 11.20) kW
Енергиен клас (охлаждане/отопление)А++/ А+
Годишен разход на електроенергия (kWh/a) (охлаждане/отопление)487 / 2662 kWh/a
Technical parameters
Air circulation /flow/ (m3/h)1660 / 3600 m3/h
Размери /В х Ш х Д/ 240 x 1660 x 700 / 830 x 900 x 330 mm
Ниво на шум (dBA) (Вътрешно/Външно тяло)32-45/55 dB(A)
Напрежение / Фаза / Честота230/1/50 V/Ø/Hz
Работен диапазон (охлаждане/отопление)-15 ~ 46 / -15 ~ 24°C DB
Тегло нето (kg)46.00 / 61.00 kg

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Ceilling Air-conditioner Fujitsu General ABHG30LRTE/AOHG30LETL Ceiling Fujitsu General ABHG30LRTE/AOHG30LETL

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