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Heat Pump Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112V/YHA - ERSC-MEC

ClimaHit presents Mitsubishi Electric multi-split PUHZ-SHW112V/YHA / ERSC-MEC Zubadan.&nbs..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112VAA / ERSC-VM2C

Capturing the heat from the air and then carry it inside closed premises, this heat pump is highly e..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112VАA/EHST20C-VM2C

Accurate control over the temperature during HEATING. The design is compact, that allows for many op..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112VАA/EHST20C-VM2C & PAC-DP01-E

Powerful and economical, that comes with a 200 liters cylinder. It is used for HEATING of huge premi..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112VАA/ERSC-MEC

Quality HEAT PUMP from MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC. It comes with options to mount it with UNDERFLOOR HEATIN..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112YAA / ERSC-VM2C 3-Phase

HEAT PUMP that work with 3-phase power and with a design that allows for many choices for how the sy..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112YАA/EHST20C-VM2C

Intelligent HEAT PUMP, that monitors the changes in the temperatures and automatically regulates its..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112YАA/EHST20C-VM2C & PAC-DP01-E

Ideal for conditioning of huge homes. The very good technical indicators will contribute to the comf..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112YАA/ERSC-MEC

The goal of MITSUBISHI ECODAN is to be the ideal answer for conditioning of your home with a HEAT PU..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW80VAA / EHST20C-VM2C

HEAT PUMP Mitsubishi Zubadan. It comes with 200 liters of boiler from stainless steal and 12 letres ..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW80VAA / ERSC-MEC

The new HEAT PUMP models from Mitsubishi Zubadan are coming with high quality, guaranteeing the effe..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW80VAA / ERSC-VM2C

Created to be highly effective in extremely low temperatures, the Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW80VAA/EHST20C-VM2C & PAC-DP01-E

HEAT PUMP Mitsubishi with internal, cylindrical, 200 liter boiler. The additional module PAC-DP01-E ..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW80YAA / EHST20C-VM2C 3-Phase

Three-phase model, that comes with 200 liters boiler, which is made out of stainless steel and an ex..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW80YAA / ERSC-MEC Three-phase

A product from the new generation of MITSUBISHI ZUBADAN, that works with three-phase energy power. U..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW80YAA / ERSC-VM2C Three-phase

MITSUBISHI ZUBADAN are created to efficiently operate in very low temperatures. Using the air as a s..


Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW80YAA/EHST20C-VM2C & PAC-DP01-E Three-phase

Highly effective HEAT PUMP with a modular design that allows several options for combining it with n..


Термопомпа Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112V/YHA - EHST20C-VM2C

Heat pump Mitsubishi Electric, mono-phase, model PUHZ-SHW112V/YHA - EHST20C-VM2C..

Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-DM25VA/MUZ-DM25VA -5%

Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-DM25VA/MUZ-DM25VA

Inverter conditioner for wall mounting, which distinguishes itself from the ordinary ones due to its..

1,099.00лв. 1,049.00лв.

Air conditioner Wall mounted Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-SF25VE/MUZ-SF25VE

Effective air-conditioner with a clean white design of the indoor body, which makes it unobtrusive a..