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FUJI ELECTRIC 07 000 BTU RSG07KGTA Hyper-Inverter Air-conditioner

Its seasonal indicators for effectiveness are one of the highest for the generated power output. Thi..


FUJI ELECTRIC 07 000 BTU RSG07KMTA Wall-mounted Air-conditioner

Air-conditioner by Fuji Electric with a reasonable price tag, that achieves high energy effectivenes..


FUJI ELECTRIC 09 000 BTU RSG09KGTA Hyper-Inverter Air-conditioner

Highly efficient system for air conditioning of homes and offices. Its qualities are a result of the..


FUJI ELECTRIC 09 000 BTU RSG09KMTA Wall-mounted Air-conditioner

Fuji Electric present the effective invert conditioner from the KMTA series, which creates good cond..


FUJI ELECTRIC 12 000 BTU 12LLCC Wall-mounted Air conditioner

The stylish indoor body is suitable for many interiors. It comes with improvements in the heat excha..


FUJI ELECTRIC 12 000 BTU 12LMCA Wall-mounted Air-conditioner

An inverter conditioner with a clean and elegant look for creating pleasant conditions at the office..


FUJI ELECTRIC 12 000 BTU RSG12KGTA Hyper-Inverter Air-conditioner

Very effective conditioner by Fuji Electric, it creates comfortable conditions via an economical way..


FUJI ELECTRIC 12 000 BTU RSG12KMTA Wall-mounted Air-conditioner

Powerful and effective conditioner from the KMTA series by Fuji Electric, that has style and functio..


FUJI ELECTRIC 14 000 BTU RSG14KGTA Hyper-Inverter Air-conditioner

The most powerful conditioner from the KGTA series by Fuji Electric. It comes with functionalities f..


FUJI ELECTRIC 14 000 BTU RSG14KMTA Wall-mounted Air-conditioner

The most powerful model from the KMTA series. It combines the stylish look with great effectiveness...


FUJI ELECTRIC 14 000 BTU RSG14LMCA Wall-mounted Air conditioner

An inverter air-conditioner with the highest power outputs from the LMCA series, with which large pr..


FUJI ELECTRIC 18 000 BTU 18LFCA Wall-mounted Air conditioner

The air-conditioners from the LFC series by Fuji Electric are powerful, in order to be used in large..


FUJI ELECTRIC 18 000 BTU RSG18KLCA Wall-mounted Air conditioner

A powerful air-conditioner that comes in small sizes, which blows a strong and wide air-flow and cre..


FUJI ELECTRIC 24 000 BTU RSG24KLCA Wall-mounted Air conditioner

A system for air conditioning by Fuji Electric, which combines high power outputs with compact sizes..


FUJI ELECTRIC 24 000 BTU RSG24LFCA Wall-mounted Air conditioner

A air-conditioning system with great power outputs for heating of large premises. It comes with a te..


FUJI ELECTRIC 9 000 BTU 09LLCB Wall-mounted Air-conditioner

Thanks to the two-roll heat exchanger, the conditioner can provide good heating even in bad winter w..


FUJI ELECTRIC 9 000 BTU 09LUCA Air conditioner Wall mounted

Stylish and elegant, powerful and economical - it combines the best characteristics of a quality con..


FUJI ELECTRIC 9 000 BTU RSG09LMCA Air conditioner Wall mounted

The clean design will fit in a lot of interiors and its functionality will guarantee a comfort at th..


Heat pump Samsung Monobloc AE050JXYDEH 5,00 kW for heating and 5,00 kW for cooling

Effective and reliable in bad weather monobloc by Samsung. It is suitable for new and old installati..


Inverter Multisystem Mitsubishi Electric PUMY-P200YKM 380V

8 indoor units can be connected with one such system when a distribution boxes are used...