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VRV DAIKIN Air Conditioning SYSTEM

VRV DAIKIN Air Conditioning SYSTEM


The construction of central air conditioning with VRV Daikin or VRF is a specific process, which in the first place is connected to the machine manufacturer. The investment is serious and in order to avoid financial loss, you have to get professional things. The project complies with the requirements of the VRV system and the heat loss of the building in which it will be installed. Price for the whole system can be given after all the details of the project with the  quantitative value account.

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Wall-mounted unit AM082JNVDKH/EU DVM Samsung ASK US

Wall-mounted unit AM082JNVDKH/EU DVM Samsung

Wall-mounted unit type A3050 by Samsung, which cools the room fasters due to the triangular structur..

Cassette AM017NN1PEH/EU Samsung ASK US

Cassette AM017NN1PEH/EU Samsung

A cassette by Samsung for installation at the ceiling with nominal capacity of 1.7 kW. It is reliabl..

Cassette AM022NN1DEH/EU Samsung ASK US

Cassette AM022NN1DEH/EU Samsung

A design that can produce a nice cool environment without the need of constant unpleasant chill wind..

Cassette AM022NN1PEH/EU Samsung ASK US

Cassette AM022NN1PEH/EU Samsung

A cassette with innovative technologies for increasing its effectiveness and operational life. It cr..

Cassette AM028NN1DEH/EU Samsung ASK US

Cassette AM028NN1DEH/EU Samsung

Highly efficient design, that creates a pleasant feeling of comfort when the air is blown out from t..

Cassette AM036NN1DEH/EU Samsung ASK US

Cassette AM036NN1DEH/EU Samsung

Highly effective cassette by Samsung. It doesn't create the unpleasant chilly wind during cooling, b..