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VRF Samsung

VRF Samsung

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Wall-mounted unit AM082JNVDKH/EU DVM Samsung ASK US

Wall-mounted unit AM082JNVDKH/EU DVM Samsung

Wall-mounted unit type A3050 by Samsung, which cools the room fasters due to the triangular structur..

Cassette AM017NN1PEH/EU Samsung ASK US

Cassette AM017NN1PEH/EU Samsung

A cassette by Samsung for installation at the ceiling with nominal capacity of 1.7 kW. It is reliabl..

Cassette AM022NN1DEH/EU Samsung ASK US

Cassette AM022NN1DEH/EU Samsung

A design that can produce a nice cool environment without the need of constant unpleasant chill wind..

Cassette AM022NN1PEH/EU Samsung ASK US

Cassette AM022NN1PEH/EU Samsung

A cassette with innovative technologies for increasing its effectiveness and operational life. It cr..

Cassette AM028NN1DEH/EU Samsung ASK US

Cassette AM028NN1DEH/EU Samsung

Highly efficient design, that creates a pleasant feeling of comfort when the air is blown out from t..

Cassette AM036NN1DEH/EU Samsung ASK US

Cassette AM036NN1DEH/EU Samsung

Highly effective cassette by Samsung. It doesn't create the unpleasant chilly wind during cooling, b..