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Wall mounted Fujitsu General

Variety of models with different Fujitsu General Wall Modules, series LM, KG, LU and others. No compromise in achieving high efficiency and nice design.

Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ASHG07KGTB/AOHG07KGCA
An air-conditioner with entirely new heat exchanger and turbine. Its indoor unit is quite thin - 215 mm. It comes with a sensor which scans for human presence and is used for lowering the energy consumption of the system. Can be controlled via phone or tablet...
Ex Tax:1,489.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ASHG09KGTB/AOHG09KGCA
A thin designer air-conditioner with power output of 9 000 BTU. Economical and reliable - the inverter quickly creates the desired living conditions and maintains them without the need of constant user input...
Ex Tax:1,489.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ASHG12KGTB/AOHG12KGCA
A designer air-conditioner with very high coefficient of efficiency. It comes with sensors that detect human presence, in order to control its operations, so that it achieves even more economy...
Ex Tax:1,749.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ASHG14KGTB/AOHG14KGCA
An air-conditioner with a thin indoor body (only 215 mm of width) that comes with a new heat exchanger and turbine. Its sensor scans for human presence in the room and if they are absent, the system switches to economic mode. When the users return, it switches to the previously used mode. The condit..
Ex Tax:2,049.00лв
Inverter Wall-Mounted Air-Conditioner Fujitsu General ASHG09LUCA/AOHG09LUC
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Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ASHG09LUCA/AOHG09LUC
Designer inverter from the LUC series for many interiors thanks to the stylish and slim indoor unit. The product is at an affordable price and comes with many useful features that guarantee the creation and the maintaining of the comfort, for example, the automatic regulation of the speed and direct..
Ex Tax:1,390.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ASHG12LUCA/AOHG12LUC
Inverter air-conditioner with a stylish indoor unit. It is economical and reliable in many conditions...
Ex Tax:1,490.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ASHG18KLCA/AOHG18KLTA
A wall-mounted air-conditioner with a high seasonal effectiveness. The indoor body has a clean white design, which is suitable for the interior of offices, shops and other. Due to its high power output, it is ideal for large rooms and premises. It automatically switches from one mode to another (eit..
Ex Tax:1,949.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ASHG24KLCA/AOHG24KLTA
High power air-conditioner, whose design is clean thus suitable to be used in shops, offices and other. It can function quite efficiently by precisely regulate its operations or very powerfully, in order to reach the comfort levels. It comes with a timer, during which the temperature is maintained s..
Ex Tax:2,300.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ASHG09KXCA/AOHG09KXCA
Its unique design with sideway ventilators and flaps create a hybrid airflow, that distinguishes itself with the different temperatures and speeds that are generated by the main and the two side ventilators, which only enhances the feeling of comfort. The plasma filter guarantees that the outgoing a..
Ex Tax:3,649.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ASHG09LTCA/AOHG09LTC
Hyper-inverter air-conditioner, which maintains a nominal capacity in -7 °C. The high seasonal effectiveness is due to the trusted technology, which achieve high power outputs with low energy consumption. Elegant, thin and quiet - it only contributes to the interior and creates a comfortable atmosph..
Ex Tax:1,700.00лв
Brand: Fujitsu General Model: ASHG12KXCA/AOHG12KXCA
Hyper-inverter air-conditioner, that includes additional lateral ventilators and flaps, with the help of which a hybrid air-flow is created, in which different sectors have different temperatures and speeds, in order to create a better feeling of comfort. Dust particles and pollens are neutralized b..
Ex Tax:3,999.00лв
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