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Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-13PKVSG-E/RAS-13PAVSG-E Shorai

Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-13PKVSG-E/RAS-13PAVSG-E Shorai
Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Toshiba RAS-13PKVSG-E/RAS-13PAVSG-E Shorai

Air-conditioner by Toshiba from the Shorai series. It is designed with a clean and elegant look, but under the decoration a highly technological system is ready for achieving comfort in your home or office. It uses refrigerant R32, which is effective and economical.

  -  Energy class A++ / A++

  -  Power output of 13 000 BTU

  -  Thanks to the pre-programmed settings, the comfort can be reach with just one click of the button.

  -  Ecological mode - It prevents an excessive consumption of power and does not allow the temperature in the room to get too low.

  -  Powerful mode - The device operates with a strong air flow (650m3/h), in order to quickly reach the selected temperatures, and despite that the noise does not get louder, thus the comfort is not disturbed.

  -  Silent mode - The speed of the ventilator is lowered and that way the noise levels lowers with 3 db.

  -  Sleep mode - Good conditions are created for sleep by increasing the temperature with 1 degrees Celsius after an hour and with 2 degrees after two hours. That temperature will be maintained till morning.

  -  Self-cleaning function - The protection of the conditioner against mold is done by removing the moisture from its internals. It's done in about 20 minutes.

  -  The user has the ability to set up the system for his/her requirements and to save them, in order to be used again when needed.

  -  The air flow is automatically controlled by the flaps which quietly swing between the twelve positions, thus ensuring equal distribution of the flow and temperature in the room.

  -  Self-restarts after a power shortage.

  -  The ventilator is automatically regulated and has five steps for the speed.

Area ( m2 )26 m2
Power Output [BTU]13 000
Cooling capacity3.50 (0.80 - 4.10) kW
Heat capacity4.20 (0.80 - 5.30) kW
Energy class (cooling/heating)А++ / А++
Annual cost of electricity (kWh/a) (cooling/heating)189 / 974
Technical data
Air circulation /pressure/ (m3/h)
Dimensions /H x W x L/293/798/230 - 550/780/290 mm
Noise level (dBA) (Indoor/Outdoor unit)39 / 50 dB(A)
Voltage / Phase / Frequency230/1/50 V/Ø/Hz
Operational range (cooling/heating)-15 ~ +46 / -15 ~ +24°C DB
Net Weight (kg)10.00 / 28.00

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