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Wall mounted Toshiba

Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-10G2KVP-E/RAS-10G2AVP-E
Air-conditioners from the Daiseikai series distinguish themselves with high effectiveness and technological execution. It has an amplitude-impulse and wide-pulse modulations for providing high power output and economy. It has the following characteristics.  -  Energy class A+++/A+++  ..
Ex Tax:2,450.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-13G2KVP-E/RAS-13G2AVP-E
Hyper-inverter air-conditioner from the Daiseikai series, created with one of Toshiba's best technologies. Highy technological execution is combined with an elegant vision. Its multi-functional nature contributes to the creation of the comfort in the home.  -  Energy class A+++/A+++  ..
Ex Tax:2,550.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-16G2KVP-E/RAS-16G2AVP-E
Hyper-invert air-conditioner, which combines functionality, high performance and clean design in one highly technological solution for creating comfort at home. By taking advantage of the good things about amplitude-impulse and wide-impulse modulations, a great power output and economy are achieved ..
Ex Tax:3,139.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-10BKV-E/RAS-10BAV-E
Toshiba Mirai - wall-mounted air conditioner. The internal body has a clean and thin design. Designed for easy uses and maintenance, while ensuring the desired comfort in different situations. It has the following characteristics:   -  Energy class A+ / A+  -  Power Output 1..
Ex Tax:1,170.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-10BKVG-E/RAS-10BAVG-E
An air-conditioner, that uses tech with the new freon R32, which distinguishes itself with a very good effectiveness and low levels of pollution. It is suitable for a huge number of interiors, thanks to its clean design. It is also multi-functional and operates in wide temperature range.  -&nbs..
Ex Tax:1,150.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-10PKVPG-E/RAS-10PAVPG-E
A highly efficient air-conditioner from the Daiseikai 9 series, which comes with a modern looking indoor unit. The filter technology inside it purifies the air very well and refreshes it, so that the comfort reaches the highest possible levels...
Ex Tax:2,630.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-10PKVSG-E/RAS-10PAVSG-E
An air-conditioner from the Shorai series, created with innovative technologies for achieving a better comfort and economy. By trusting the new freon R32, the system will satisfy the need for chill or heat via an effective way and simultaneously won't pollute the environment. It has the following ch..
Ex Tax:1,450.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-13BKV-E/RAS-13BAV-E
Mirai series by Toshiba combines an elegant and clean design with a good performance. So quiet that you will forget that it is there.  -  Energy class A+ /  A+  -  Power Output 13 000 BTU  -  In order to protect the conditioner from mold, a self-cleaning function i..
Ex Tax:1,270.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-13BKVG-E/RAS-13BAVG-E
Quiet and elegant air-conditioner from the Mirai series by Toshiba, that operates with the ecological freon R32. Its design combines the beauty of the clean look of the indoor unite with a highly effective technological execution. It comes with the following characteristics.:  -  Energy cl..
Ex Tax:1,280.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-13PKVPG-E/RAS-13PAVPG-E
Inverter air-conditioner for wall installation from the Daiseikai 9 series. The indoor unit has a modern look. The air is filtered by ionizing it...
Ex Tax:2,780.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-13PKVSG-E/RAS-13PAVSG-E
Air-conditioner by Toshiba from the Shorai series. It is designed with a clean and elegant look, but under the decoration a highly technological system is ready for achieving comfort in your home or office. It uses refrigerant R32, which is effective and economical.  -  Energy class A++ / ..
Ex Tax:1,700.00лв
Brand: Toshiba Model: RAS-16BKV-E/RAS-16BAV-E
Powerful yet quite, elegant yet functional, the air conditioner from the Mira series combines vision with a highly technological implementation. The clean design will be suitable for a lot of interiors. Its quality work will create the much needed comfort in your home.  -  Energy class A+ ..
Ex Tax:1,750.00лв
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