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wall mounted

wall mounted

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Air conditioner Wall mounted Gree GWH18UC-K3DNA4F U-Crown

A hyper-inverter air-conditioner of a high class U-Crown GWH18UC-K3DNA4F. The indoor body comes with..


Wall-mounted Air conditioner Gree GWH12UB-K3DNA4F U-Crown

The hyper-inverter air-conditioner U-Crown by Gree GWH12UB-K3DNA4F - with an ultra-thin and modern d..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-DM25VA/MUZ-DM25VA

Inverter conditioner for wall mounting, which distinguishes itself from the ordinary ones due to its..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HR25VF/MUZ-HR25VF

A stylish air-conditioner by Mitsubishi, that uses the ecological refrigerant R32...


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HR35VF/MUZ-HR35VF

A stylish air-conditioner, which purifies the air thanks to the silver-ion filter, thus creating a h..


Wall-mounted Inverter Air-conditioner Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HR50VF/MUZ-HR50VF

Ecological, economic and comes with a stylish looks, thus making it ideal for the home...


Air conditioner Daikin URURU SARARA FTXZ35N/RXZ35N

Recognized leading technology with 5 ways to treat the air. Exceptionally low negative effect on the..


Wall-Mounted Air-Conditioner Daikin FTXP20M/RXP20M - Comfora

An air-conditioner with a modern design, which operates almost unnoticeable but producing good resul..


Wall-Mounted Air-Conditioner Daikin FTXP25M/RXP25M - Comfora

An inverter air-conditioner, which is elegant looking and quiet when working...


Wall-Mounted Air-Conditioner Daikin FTXP35M/RXP35M - Comfora

An air-conditioner, that is designed to fit in many interiors and to create comfortable and healthy ..


Wall-Mounted Air-Conditioner Daikin FTXP50M/RXP50M - Comfora

It operates effectively and quietly, in order to create the desired comfort. The generated power out..


Wall-Mounted Air-Conditioner Daikin FTXP60M/RXP60M - Comfora

An air-conditioner with an elegant indoor unit, which generates power output up to 20 000 BTU...


Wall-Mounted Air-Conditioner Daikin FTXP71M/RXP71M - Comfora

A powerful air-conditioner for large premises. It generates an airflow, which can be pointed at four..